Monday, 18 April 2016

Melton Mowbray BS is "encouraging responsible living"

 DAVID Attenborough makes an appearance in the Spring 2016 edition of Melton Matters - the publication of the Melton Mowbray BS.

The popular broadcaster is pictured alongside the society’s chief executive, Martin Reason, at the official opening of the volunteer training centre at Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

The Melton donated £15,000 to provide a viewing facility at the training centre as part of its partnership with the Leicestershire and Wildlife Trust which manages the reserve.

It states (with somewhat uncertain logic): “Supporting wildlife ties in with the society’s community ethos and its committing to providing sustainable mortgages, affordable housing and to encouraging responsible living.”

There is a moralistic tone to those last three words, so perhaps it is appropriate that the annual meeting, at 6pm on Wednesday April 27, is to be held at a location where members will have to be on their best behaviour - Melton Mowbray Baptist Church.

Apart from in its home town, the Melton only has two other branches  - Grantham, where Dawn Wright is the manager, and Oakham, managed by Lisa Poyzer.

Toni Shelton, meanwhile, is manager of the Melton Mowbray branch.

Melton Matters contains the summary financial statement for the past year.

Pre-tax profit was £1.57-million - up from £1.09-million the previous year.

A £500,000 rise in administrative expenses is largely attributed to an  increase in staff numbers (which is unspecified) and higher pay “with a view to improving customer service and processing capacity”.

Other factors were the costs of compliance with new regulation and increased IT expenditure.

Up for re-election at the AGM are society chairman Alan Crafts (68) and fellow non-executive director Ken Romney (65).

Members will also be urged to elect another candidate, Rutland-based Lorraine Alldritt (55) who joined the board in May last year and recently worked as marketing director for Oakham School. 


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